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Drop 2%* or more off your car loan rate!

Untangle your life and get more mileage out of your money with TruChoice's 2-Below Auto Loan! 

How? Transfer your existing auto loan and we will lower your rate by 2%* down to a minimum of 1.99%* just like that. 

That's something to rev your engine about!


Need to Get More Mileage Out of Your Car? Save Big with a Car Equity Loan!
Lower your monthly payments, and get rid of high interest debt with a Car Equity Loan from TruChoice! With a Car Equity Loan, you use the value of your car to get rid of high interest debt, like credit cards or student loans. It’s a simple refinance that puts you in the driver’s seat! Unsure of the value of your car or details about debts you’d like to pay off? We can help you with that.  Just start the application, give us the basics, and we can get take it from there. 

* Down to a minimum 1.99%. This is a limited-time offer available on approved credit for car, SUV or truck. We’ll beat your current loan rate with a reduction of up to 2% subject to TruChoice Federal Credit Union minimum rates based on term and credit score. TruChoice FCU’s standard lending policies and criteria apply to the review of all loan refinance applications. This offer is available for new loans only. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applies to the purchase or refinancing of a new or used vehicle.  Rates provided are valid as of 7/1/2018 and are subject to change without notice.  TruChoice may offer other rates for these loans from time to time.  Your APR may vary based on your individual credit history and our underwriting criteria.  An approximate term is provided to disclose the term we use to calculate payments for TruChoice's open-end loan products. For example, the monthly payment on a vehicle loan of $10,000 at 5.5% APR paid over 48 months would be $232.56.