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Get rewarded for your savings, with tiered interest from TruChoice savings accounts. When you open a savings account with TruChoice, you become a member – and a shareholder in TruChoice. That $25 opening deposit stays there unless you decide to no longer be a member, and earns interest on a tiered basis, depending on the balance.

Savings account statements are sent on a quarterly basis. You can also view your statement electronically, free through TruAccess Online Banking.

For more information about rates and fees, visit rates and fees.

Money Markets

If you're looking to earn higher interest without locking down all of your money, a money market account could be your answer. This savings account pays higher dividends than our regular savings account. It requires a $2,500 minimum balance and the interest rate will fluctuate according to the market.  Federal regulations limit these accounts to 6 withdrawals per month.

Club Savings Accounts

Club Accounts can be an excellent tool for helping you avoid credit card debt. Instead of racking up debt during the holidays, or on a vacation, Club Accounts allow you to deposit a certain amount of money into an account each week or each month, helping you save gradually for a specific need. They're a simple, effective tool to help you save because withdrawals are limited - no withdrawals for the Christmas Club until October 20th, and two withdrawals per year for the All-purpose Club. You can start a Club Account at any time and deposit money as often as you like.

For more information about rates and fees, visit our rates or fees.

Truth in Savings Disclosure