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Annual Meeting Information

TruChoice's 2021 Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 26th. The Board Chair's Report, President's Report, and the Supervisory Committee Report can be read below:

Board Chair's Report

Supervisory Committee Annual Report

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who give their time and expertise to help lead the mission, vision and direction of TruChoice. They are elected by the membership, and are members themselves.  

Meet the Board:

  • Joseph Winschel, Chairperson.  Board member since 1998
  • Steve Batista, Vice-Chairperson.  Board member since 2006
  • Rachel Reed, Treasurer. Board member since 2017
  • Stephen Hawkes, Secretary.  Board member since 2016
  • Gary Morse, Chair of the Supervisory Committee.  Board member since 2006
  • Adam Pratt , Board member since 2017
  • Jean Nichols Wood, Board member since 2022

About TruChoice:

TruChoice is a strong, dynamic and growing credit union serving most of Maine. We set ourselves apart from other financial institutions by engaging our team and our members in our success.  At TruChoice the credit union spirit of ‘people helping people’ thrives at every level of the organization, including with our volunteers.  While banks aim to generate profits, we focus on helping individuals regardless of the financial circumstance to build better lives for themselves.  This translates to a business model that promotes thrift, savings and sound credit use.  We aim to become financial partners that can help empower people with educational and personal financial tools -- like budgeting, car buying assistance, and credit score analysis -- to help them take control of their financial lives.