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TruChoice Mobile App - Banking on the go!
Get our mobile app for Apple or Android and start paying bills, making deposits and managing your money right from your mobile phone.

Card Controls!

Ever misplace your debit or credit card? Ever realize you left your card at the grocery store, the gym or on your desk at work? We can relate! Now you can lock and unlock your debit and credit cards instantaneously 24/7 on your mobile app. Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to use card controls!

More about the mobile app

How do I login to mobile banking?

Once you have downloaded the app, just use your online banking user name and password when signing into the app - no need for a second sign in!  To log in, just tap on 'accounts' at the bottom of the screen, enter your  login and password, and you'll be at the main menu. 

How do I set up biometric sign in? (Fingerprint, Face ID, etc)

Simple!  At the top right of your screen you will see a circle for your profile.  Tap the circle and it will bring you to your profile options, including ‘authentication options’.  Just choose your preferences, and you're good to go!

How do I use Mobile Deposit to deposit a check?

We’ve made it even easier to deposit your checks!  On the bottom menu bar, simply select the ‘Deposit’ icon. The app will automatically launch the login page (and if you have touch ID or Face ID set up, it will automatically happen!)  If this is the first time you are depositing a check with mobile, you will need to enroll in that function. To enroll, click the ‘Register’ button and complete the required field. Once your registration has been submitted, please allow one business day for processing 

Screen Shot of TruChoice FCU mobile banking


  • deposit checks
  • transfer money
  • pay bills
  • check transactions
  • card controls
  • view eStatements
  • set card alerts
  • sign up for text banking

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