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Good morning. For the safety of our team and our members, we will be opening our branches at 10am today. Drive safe and stay warm!
Our financial service representatives help make things understandable, stress-free, quick, and easy! If you want to consolidate debt or have a conversation, we are always here for you.

Member Testimonials 

"When my car broke down and I realized I needed to get a new one I was terrified. I've never gotten a loan before but Faith made it so easy! In less than a week I was driving my new car and I am thrilled!"
“How do I begin? We have been members for years. It was TruChoice who believed in us from the start. Tucker is an amazing young man. He listened, worked with us through a very complicated buying process. Eli was fantastic. Cait is just awesome. We cannot say how pleased and grateful for the chance to buy a home. TruChoice made this couple homeowners. We cannot say enough. Thank you.” 
"Ive taken out 5 or 6 loans in the last 4 years and they are seamless and take all of 10 mins. It's just incredible."

"My son earned a perfect score of zero on his motorcycle skills driving test, but had a credit score of zero to match.  Thanks to TruChoice FCU lending a hand with his first loan, he is now on a path to building his skills AND credit with a new motorcycle.  It was just the break he needed!"