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We can make life easier with a Personal Loan from TruChoice 

 Life gets busy and your "to do" list can get long. As your local credit union, TruChoice takes pride in helping our community however we can. No matter what you've got going on we can make life easier with a Personal Loan from TruChoice. 

A lot of our members use a personal loan for:

  • Heating Fuel & Energy Costs
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Repairs & Improvements
  • Special Events
  • Medical Expenses & Debt
  • School Expenses
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Auto Repairs

Apply online today!

We have terms up to 36 months, check out our rates.

We're here to help you lower your monthly payments, raise your credit score, and simplify your finances!


Apply online today!

In addition to our personal loans, if you're looking for overdraft protection or want to build credit,  we've also got some other options for you as well : 

Credit Building Loans

Are you looking to build or rebuild your credit history?  We've got options! Build your payment history with our Credit Building loans or credit cards, or use your savings to secure a loan while you make payments each month.  Not sure what option is best for you?  We're here to help.  At TruChoice we believe that everyone should be free from judgement.  Reach out to us today, and one of our friendly loan officers will listen to your needs and help get you where you want to go.  We over a free credit score analysis to everyone, and will work with you to find the best solution to meet YOUR needs, not someone else's.  

Ever Ready (ER) Line of Credit

Looking for some extra peace of mind with your checking account? TruChoice offers our Ever Ready (ER) Line of Credit to help cover you in case you accidently overdraw your account.  With the ER Line of Credit, when there are not enough funds in your account to cover a transaction, we will transfer the amount necessary to cover the transaction in $300 increments up to the amount of your available credit.