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Need a break from your loan payments?


We recognize that sometimes, being able to skip a payment can make a big difference in your month, and free up funds for other expenses.  We want you to know that TruChoice allows members to skip up to 2 payments during a 12 month period.  There is a $25 fee for taking advantage of this service. 

Using our Skip a Pay feature is easy - you can do it yourself right in your online banking.  Look for "Skip a Loan Payment" under "Manage Your Loans" on the left side of the home screen.  Once you click this, select the loan in which you want to skip a payment, and the system will walk you through it from there! If you do have any questions, or need to skip a payment on a loan that doesn't show this option, please call us and we can see what options are available.

online banking manage your loans menu

You are also able to skip a payment in the accounts section of online banking. Simply click the three dots next to the loan in which you wish to skip a payment, and click "Skip a Payment". The system will walk you through the process from there. 

online banking loans menu

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to us by phone at 772.0808 or email so that we can work with you on the best solution for your loan.  We also offer loan modifications, and in some cases, we can defer your payment longer than 1 month.

What You Need to Know

Eligible loan types for Skip a Pay are Auto Loans, General Purpose Loans, Share/CD Secured Loans, and other Secured Loans. 

Limit of two monthly payment skips per rolling twelve month period and maximum of six skips over the life of the loan. There must be a sixty day gap between skipped payments.

You cannot skip your first loan payment. You must have made at least one payment on your loan before you can be eligible to skip a payment. If you are having difficulty making the first payment, please reach out to us at 772.0808 or email us at  We may be able to make an exception, or work with you on other solutions.