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Welcome to TruChoice

TruChoice is a Federal Credit Union. What does that mean? It means we’re more than a bank – we’re your financial partner. Our business model isn’t built around fees and penalties. We want to help you make the most of your money, so we take time to learn your story, and provide you with the specific, personalized tools you need to gain control of your finances – and achieve success. We support our members with savings solutions, loans, credit cards and online banking services that are easy to apply for and accessible 24/7.  


Maine Medical Center Federal Credit Union was established on January 12, 1955 and merged with Mercy Federal Credit Union to form Medical Services Federal Credit Union in the early 1970’s. Both organizations were formed to serve the needs of healthcare workers based on the Credit Union philosophy of a cooperative financial institution with member ownership and service orientation. In February 1986, Medical Services FCU merged with Thomas Laughlin FCU and in November 1986 merged with Sanborn’s FCU. These changes brought new membership to the Credit Union. A merger with Insurance Services Federal Credit Union in 2004 welcomed additional members into our Credit Union family. The Credit Union’s charter was also changed in 2004 to a community charter.

As a result of the growing diversity of the membership, the Credit Union’s name became TruChoice Federal Credit Union on January 1, 2005. Also, in 2005, our charter was expanded to include York County. In 2008, we welcomed the members of Portland Maine Transit FCU to the TruChoice family. In December 2014, TruChoice merged with Portland ME Police Department's Federal Credit Union (PMPDFCU), and in March of 2022 we welcomed members of Blue Cross Blue Shield Employees FCU into our fold.  

At TruChoice, we believe that members should be able to access their accounts anytime, anywhere.  So whether you need to apply for a loan, check your account balance, or pay a bill, our mobile and online options are there for you 24/7.  And even if you move away, we're still by your side - we're proud to say we've got members in all 16 counties and in over 48 states.  

TruChoice FCU takes the Credit Union’s philosophy of “People Helping People” seriously. Our positive attitudes and sincere desire to help others are keys to achieving this mission.  Check out more information about our commitment to our community.

Mission & Vision


We earn and nurture long-term relationships through the caring, respectful and responsible manner in which we deliver essential financial services.


We are Maine's best source for credit and financial wellness.  We set ourselves apart with our service and ability to engage our team and technology to help our members anytime, anywhere.

Why Credit Unions?

Credit unions were founded on the principals of economic democracy – where every member has equal ownership and one vote – regardless of how much money a member has on deposit. Unlike for-profit financial institutions, credit unions do not issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, earnings are returned to the members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits, and free checking accounts. Simply put, you get an equal say and an equal share.

At TruChoice, we believe that part of being an owner is spreading the word in your community about the great benefits of credit union membership. We all know that TruChoice offers better rates, fees and customer service than any for-profit financial institution, but do your friends and family know it? As we are all owners of this credit union, we all need to help one another get our community through the door. Once they do, they will begin to reap the same life-long financial partnership and benefits as you. Plus, the more members we have, the more we all succeed.