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Most importantly—our staff isn’t changing! We’ll be the same TruCrew after our upgrades, continuing to help you save money and bank simply.


Things that are changing:


  • Account type suffixes: These come after your account number to tell us it’s a checking account, loan, CD or other type of account. Currently, the suffixes are letter(s) and number(s) and they’ll change to three numbers. For example, an S1 will change to 000. Your account numbers aren’t changing.
  • New suffixes:

    Suffixes Table

  • The system that processes many of our transactions
  • Several services will have a new look and new features, including online banking, bill pay, phone banking, mobile and text banking services
  • Online banking and mobile banking log-in. Now one User Name and Password for both online and mobile banking.
  • Signature pads and scanners will be added at each teller window for faster service and as part of the new e-receipt feature
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits and transfers schedule
    • Scheduled credits (deposits) to your account will occur in the morning of the scheduled transaction day.
    • Scheduled ACH debits (payments and withdrawals) from your account will now occur in the evening of the day they are scheduled.
    • Scheduled automatic funds transfers (periodic payments and transfers) from your account will be completed after 11pm on the day they are scheduled and you will see it reflected in your account by the next business day after the scheduled transaction day. 

Things that aren’t changing:

  • Account numbers (only account type suffixes change)
  • Debit card numbers and cards
  • Credit card numbers and cards
  • ACH and payroll direct deposits
  • Automatic transfers
  • Loan payment due dates
  • Share certificate maturity dates
  • Interest rates on existing fixed rate savings and loan products