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Why did you update your system?

Our new system will allow us to serve our members more efficiently and to offer new products and services.


Will this upgrade impact jobs?

Not at all. Your TruCrew will remain the same and, as always, our focus is you and finding ways to help you bank simply—and save money. We’re here to answer your questions.


Will I need new checks?

No, you won’t need new checks. Your existing checks will work because your account number isn’t changing.


Can I use online banking if I live overseas?

Yes! This has not been available before, but is now!


Will the upgrade allow us to use Shared Branching?

We’ll continue to offer shared branching through the ATMs only.


Will my automatic/recurring payments/transfer change?

Yes. Here is the revised schedule:

  1. Scheduled credits (deposits) to your account will occur in the morning of the scheduled transaction day. (No change)
  2. Scheduled ACH debits (payments and withdrawals) from your account will now occur in the evening of the day they are scheduled.
  3. Scheduled automatic funds transfers (periodic payments and transfers from your account will be completed after 11pm on the day they are scheduled and you will see it reflected in your account by the next business day after the scheduled transaction day.


New suffixes


My account/member number didn’t change, so do I still include S1 for my savings and S10 for my checking?

While account/member numbers aren’t changing the suffixes that identify the type of account are. Depending on the TruChoice services you have, suffixes may be something you use frequently or rarely. If you use them often, you’ll want to refer to Your New Account Suffixes.

What if I have more than one account of the same type?

The additional suffixes will be the next number in the account type category. For example, if you now had a checking account that had an S10 suffix, the new suffix is 100. If you had a second checking account with an S10.1 suffix, the new suffix is 101.

Suffixes Table