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Member Testimonials 

"When my car broke down and I realized I needed to get a new one I was terrified. I've never gotten a loan before but Faith made it so easy! In less than a week I was driving my new car and I am thrilled!"
“How do I begin? We have been members for years. It was TruChoice who believed in us from the start. Tucker is an amazing young man. He listened, worked with us through a very complicated buying process. Eli was fantastic. Cait is just awesome. We cannot say how pleased and grateful for the chance to buy a home. TruChoice made this couple homeowners. We cannot say enough. Thank you.” 
"Ive taken out 5 or 6 loans in the last 4 years and they are seamless and take all of 10 mins. It's just incredible."

"My son earned a perfect score of zero on his motorcycle skills driving test, but had a credit score of zero to match.  Thanks to TruChoice FCU lending a hand with his first loan, he is now on a path to building his skills AND credit with a new motorcycle.  It was just the break he needed!"