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Mark Antoine



Raised in South Portland, and now with a son in South Portland schools, Mark doesn’t see himself ever leaving. Mark graduated from the University of Southern Maine, with a BA in Business Management and an Accounting minor. He started out as a part-time teller for a large bank, working his way up before eventually transitioning to a Mortgage Loan Officer position. As an MLO for a large bank, he serviced borrowers from Maine to Florida, with the majority being out-of-state. After 8 years in home lending, Mark was ready to dedicate his knowledge and experience to locals, and began his career with TruChoice.

Mark loves spending time with his son, attending sporting events, bike-riding, and playing in local sports leagues. His favorite season is summer, and in good weather you can find him barbequing, camping, and tossing a football at the lake or a beach. A true Mainer, Mark makes the best of all four seasons, and winter finds him snowmobiling and sledding with his son.

About TruChoice: 

“I love TruChoice and everything we are about! In the financial industry, you will find many companies who say that they put their customers or members first, but don’t back it up with their actions. TruChoice is not one of those companies. We are not in the industry to simply make a profit, but rather to provide financial guidance to all our members, and give back to our communities. It is a true family atmosphere here, and something I love being a part of. As both a long-time member and now employee, I can confidently say that The Love is Real!”


Why mortgages? 

“I’ve always been a “numbers guy” and I love helping people. Since I was a kid, I always knew I would be in the financial industry. (I even job shadowed at a local credit union was I was in 5th grade). After college, I found my calling when I attempted to get pre-approved for my first home. I knew about banking, but very little about mortgages, so was very nervous, and didn’t want to ask any “bad” questions.”  The loan officer who helped me was so knowledgeable, kind, patient, and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He also didn’t hesitate to repeat or rephrase anything that I was still uncertain about. Though I’m sure he had done hundreds of loans prior, he understood that this was my first loan, and he treated it as such. He helped me accomplish my dream of being a homeowner, while making it one of the greatest customer experiences I’ve had, and one I will never forget. I am dedicated to paying that experience forward to others.”


Tucker Phelps 


Tucker was born and raised in Rumford, ME. After high school he attend the University of Maine in Orono, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. His first job out of school was working as a loan officer for a large bank for three years. In June 2021, he started with TruChoice as a Mortgage Loan Originator.

Tucker loves the state of Maine and plans to stay here long term. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, hunting, camping or skiing, he tries to spend a lot of his time in the vast woods that Maine affords us.  

About TruChoice: 

“The culture here is great and every employee is working towards the same goal; providing the best experience possible for our members. When a member comes our way for help we make sure we not only understand what they need, but why they need it. We take the extra time to work through problems with our members so that we can apply the best solution possible. At TruChoice, my voice is heard and my opinion matters. We not only are open to new ideas from everyone, but we actually encourage it. I love working in an environment where I can see real time how I add value to TruChoice.”


Why mortgages? 

“It is a big deal to buy a home, so it is important to have someone answer any questions you might have along the way, and I enjoy being that person. In addition to purchases, I love helping my members with refinancing. Refinancing is a great way to improve your debt situation by either tapping into your equity to pay off higher interest loans, or simply lowering your rate. Whatever the situation I want to be an asset to all members by using mortgages to improve their financial situation and/or life.”