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Frequently Asked Questions for Bill Pay Users


Why couldn’t you transfer all of my Bill Pay accounts from the old system to the new


Sadly, it was not possible within the constraints of our old Bill Pay system to transfer

your Bill Pay accounts and payment schedules to the new system. We are doing

our best to keep the transition as simple as possible for our members given these



Do I need to re-enter Bill Pays for payments of TruChoice loans or credit cards?

If you are currently using your TruChoice Bill Pay system to pay a TruChoice loan or VISA, we’ve got a way for you to simplify things. Instead of using Bill Pay for loans at TruChoice, we recommend you set up a monthly transfer to your loan through the new online banking system – this counts as a payment and is easy for you to change and manage as needed. Please note that all Bill Pays you want to continue will need to be set up again, regardless of who they are to.  Likewise, if you have any online banking transfers set up, you will need to re-enter those into the new system.


What if I need help re-enrolling in Bill Pay?

We’ve posted videos with step-by-step instructions to set up payees, schedule

payments and more.  You can also contact TruAccess at 207-772-0808 with your





Will my eBills change?

Yes, you’ll need to re-enroll in eBills as part of the enhanced Bill Pay service, and your eBills will look a little different. 


How will eBills look different, and will they work the same?

Your new eBills will include the information needed to set up payments, such as payment date and amount due. You can access detailed statements on your biller's website. Since the new eBill service pulls the payment date and amount directly from your biller, you'll need to provide your login information for the companies you pay through eBills when you re-enroll in eBills. For some billers, this may include answering a security question.


When will eBills appear on my new Bill Pay screen?

The timing will vary since it depends on the companies you pay. It could take up to one or two billing cycles. In the meantime, you can access your bills using the payee’s website payment options (which may include having a bill emailed) or through paper bills.