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TruAccess Online Banking

What is TruAccess Online Banking? TruAccess Online Banking is a way of accessing your account information through a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. It allows you to bank anytime, and from anywhere you have Internet access.

Is there a charge for TruAccess Online Banking? No! We want you to be able to make the most of your money, so TruAccess Online Banking is completely free (although there will still be charges for some services like sending wires or stopping payment on checks).  Just remember when using your debit card for purchases to choose “credit” not “debit.” The money we get from Visa helps us keep online banking and checking free.

What kinds of accounts can I manage with TruAccess? You can see all of your accounts online with TruAccess, but there will be restrictions as to which ones you can use to pay bills or make deposits and withdrawals. It all depends on the account restrictions. For example, a certificate does not allow deposits and withdrawals and a savings account cannot be used to pay bills.

What is ACH? ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. It’s the system that is used to move money around electronically, like when your employer deposits your payroll directly into your checking account.

If I sign up for online banking do I have to use bill pay? No, but you should! You can save nearly two hours each month by paying bills electronically. It’s just another way TruChoice helps take the stress out of banking, to let you focus on the more important things in life. 

Is the online banking system secure? Yes! We do everything we can to make sure your account information is secure. Of course, much like fastening your seatbelt in a car, it’s good practice to review your accounts regularly just to be sure no fraud has occurred.

What can I do to improve security of my online banking?  Like locking your door at night, simple steps can be taken to make online banking safer.

  • Be sure to log out at the end of each session
  • Consider adding password protection to your mobile phone
  • Do not write down or share your login information
  • Only use the secure message system within online banking to email sensitive information to TruChoice
  • Never give out personal information if you aren’t sure to whom you are talking 

How do I log out of online banking? For maximum security, click Log Off at the top of the blue menu on the left to finish your online banking session.

Setting Up Online Banking

How do I enroll? Click here for a video introduction to TruChoice It'sMe247 Online Banking.

I have a joint checking account with my husband. Do we both need to enroll separately or can we share a login? You will share a login using the primary account holder’s information.

How do I create or change an account nickname? In the left, blue menu, click on Account under the Preferences section and follow the instructions.

Can I access my accounts from a different computer or location? Absolutely! You can access your accounts from any device that has web access, including smartphones.

What do I do if I’m using a public computer? There’s just a small extra step when you use a public computer, and the system will walk you through it. You login as you would on your home computer, except you will have to enter a Secure Access Code (you choose if you want to receive it by email, text or by phone), or you can enter the Challenge Code you may have set up when you enrolled.

How do I change my address? When in online banking, click Update Contact Info in the Services section. 

Managing Accounts Online

Why does my account show two different balances? One is your Current Balance and the other is your Available Balance. Some transactions don’t process immediately. For example, if you have used your debit card or deposited checks, there may be a hold on some of the deposit, so it won’t be available immediately.   

How do I view check images?
  When viewing your account transactions, a magnifying glass will appear to the left of the date where a check image is available. Click this for pop-up.

When will my transfers take place? Account transfers happen immediately except for transfers to credit card accounts which will complete on the next business day.

Can I send wires online?
  If you have a signed wire transfer agreement on file with TruChoice, you will see Wire Transfer services in the blue menu on the left.  If you are interested in using this service online, please contact us by phone or through secure messaging online.

Can I download transactions into Quicken®?
  Yes. In Account History, click on the arrow to the right of Display in the blue bar at the top. Click Export to File and choose the format you want in the next box. Then click Submit. 


Can I apply for a loan online?  Yes. Under Services in the blue, left-hand menu you will see Loan Application.

Can I see my loans online? Of course! Your loan history is available online.

How do I schedule automatic loan payments? Click on Transfer Money, set up the information, then use the Enter Frequency box just below to enter the specifics.

TruAccess Bill Pay

Is there a charge for TruAccess Bill Pay?  Nope! It’s completely free.

Why should I use online bill pay?  TruAccess Bill Pay will save you time and money every week.  It will also reduce the likelihood of identity theft by reducing the number of bills you receive by mail – and mailboxes are the number one source of information for identity thieves.

How do I register for online bill pay?  Click Pay Bills in the Transaction section and follow the instructions on the screen.

How are bill payments issued? Most of the time, payments are sent electronically. If you are paying your Uncle Fred, a paper check will probably be cut and sent to him.  

How long will it take for my bill pay payment to be processed? The TruAccess Bill Pay system is designed to make banking easier for our members, so we guarantee that your payment will be received by the date you select. Most payments are made electronically, so the date you are choosing to pay your bill is the date the vendor will receive your payment. 

Who can I pay using bill pay? Anyone you want!

When can I use bill pay?  You can use TruAccess Bill Pay 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there a dollar limit on bill pay? No.

Can bill pay be used when I am out of the country? Absolutely. Your payments will be made with United States currency.

Is it possible to schedule recurring payments? Yep.

Can I use TruAcces Bill Pay with all my accounts? You can only use online bill pay with checking accounts.

Are there merchants that cannot be paid using TruAccess bill pay?
 No, however, it is NOT recommended that you pay tax bills, government debts or child support using online bill pay services. 


Why can’t I see my check image?  If a check has not cleared, you will not be able to see the check image. If a check image is there but you see no writing, it is possible that a gel pen was used and the ink could not be read by the check scanner. Occasionally, a check image is not available due to being converted to an electronic check or due to a problem at the scanning bank.

Why can’t I pay bills from my savings account? Federal regulations prohibit using savings accounts for online bill pay. There is no minimum balance and no monthly fee for opening a checking account at TruChoice.

Why won’t bill pay let me schedule payments on certain days?
 The system won’t let you schedule payments on days when payments won’t be processed, like federal holidays.

What should I do if a payment did not reach my payee?
 Contact TruChoice immediately at 1.800.639.5550 or 207.772.0808.

What do I do if forget my password?
 Enter your login ID, check the Forgot Password box and click Login. Then follow the instructions on the next few screens.

What do I do if my password was stolen or compromised?
 Contact TruChoice immediately at 1.800.639.5550 or 207.772.0808

If you have tried your password too many times, you will have to call the credit union to have it reset. 1.800.639.5550 or 207.772.0808. Do not send your request by email.