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Fee Schedule

We hate charging fees, but to protect the interests of all of our members, TruChoice does charge fees for certain services that aren't used by the majority of our membership. To help you reduce or avoid these fees, please consult the Note column below or Contact us with any questions. You should also contact us immediately if you feel you were charged a fee in error.


ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Inactivity Fee

If your account has no activity on it for 2 years

$5 per month
  • Set up Direct deposit for even a small amount
  • Write a check for something special each year from your account - Mother's Day, your birthday etc.

Account Closure Fee

If you close an account within 180 days of opening it.

$25 per account 
  • Enjoy the benefits of your TruChoice accounts for more than 180 days

Early Withdrawal Fee 

If you withdraw money from your Christmas Club Account

$10 per occurrence 
  • Start out putting small amounts into your Christmas Club and build up from there based on your monthly budget.  You can always make an additional deposit later!

Single Service Fee

If you have just a single savings account and Average Daily Balance is below $200

$5 per month
  • Put more money into the account to bring it up over $200
  • Open a checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly fees - even your first box of checks is free

Returned Statment Fee

$5 per statement
  •  Sign up electronic statements online
  • Be sure to notify TruChoice of any change of address

ATM or Visa® Check Card

ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tip

ATM or Visa® Check Card (VCC) replacement

$10 per card

(add'l $50 to rush VCC)

  • Treat your card like it's cash!
  • Call, e-mail or stop in and we'll give you a protective sleeve for your card

 Visa® Credit Card 

ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Visa®Card Replacement

$10 per card

(add'l $50 to rush VCC)

  • Treat your card like it's cash!
  • Call, e-mail or stop in and we'll give you a protective sleeve for your card

Copy of sales draft

$5 per item
  • Save your receipts until you see them on a statement



ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Loan Reapplication Fee

If you apply more than once for the same type of loan in a 6-month period and the original loan application was denied or withdrawn

$20 per occurence
  • Call or come in to discuss your options with us before you apply for a loan

Title Fee


Late Fee

If you submit a payment 20 days past the due date

  • Call to set up an automatic loan payment
  • Use our online TruAlert system to get notification when your loan is due
  • Make automatic loan payments with every pay period so you don't have to pay a lump sum monthly


Fee to obtain a Universal Commercial Code from the State for vehicle types that do not have titles (e.g. ATV, snowmobile, golf cart)



Insufficient Funds

ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Share Transfer Fee

If funds had to be transferred to cover a check, an electronic payment or funds withdrawn by using your ATM card or Visa® Check Card

$2 per transfer
  • Track your transactions online or on the mobile app to stay on top of your balance

Returned Draft Fee

If we dishonor a payment made by check due to insufficient funds

$30 per item

Return Automated Clearing House (ACH) Fee

If we dishonor an electronic payment due to insufficient funds

$30 per item

Overdrawn Fee

The fee to honor electronic transactions when funds were not available at the time of posting

$30 per item

Privilege Pay Fee

Any check, ACH, or Visa® Check Card (optional service) transaction that is cleared by using our discretionary overdraft service

$30 per item

Deposit Item Fee

If an item you deposit into your TruChoice account is returned for insufficient funds

$10 per item
  • Be careful who you accept checks from
  • Ask for a cashier's check or money order when someone is paying you
  • Follow us on Facebook and read the TruNews to stay informed of potential scams



ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Outgoing Wire Fee

$25 per transfer
  •  Use online banking to transfer the money
  • Write a check

International Wire Fee

$50 per transfer  

Share to Share Wire Fee

When wiring money from your TruChoice account to most other Maine credit union accounts

$25 per transfer
  • Use online banking to transfer the money
  • Write a check


Account Assitance

ServiceFeeFee-Saving Tips

Reconciliation Fee

If you need help reconciling your checkbook

$25 per hour
  • Use our reconciliation worksheet to balance your checkbook each month

Check Withdrawal/Money Order Fee

$3 per check ($1.50 per check for seniors)
  • Use online bill pay

Stop Payment Fee

If you need to stop payment on a personal check that you have written

$30 per item
  • Be very careful when writing checks - check the amount, signature and payee information
  • Ask your post office about options for delivery confirmation

Research Fee

$25 per hour
  • Keep records of transactions at home

Statement Copy Fee

If you need back copies of your statement

$5 per statement
  • You can download statements up to 24 months old online for free

Copy of Check

If you need a copy of a cleared check that was written from your personal checkbook

$5 per copy unless you access it online
  • You can view and print check copies online at no cost

Check Order

If you need more personal checks


  • Bill Pay is available through your online banking at no cost.

Funds in your accounts at TruChoice are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.  TruChoice provides additional share insurance covering an additional $250,000. Certain IRAs are insured up to $250,000.  Copies of the NCUA brochure "Your Insured Funds" are available at each TruChoice office and are also available by mail upon request.

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